TUESDAY: Hair of Generations

Tessi was curious. Curious about the hair on her head. After all, she was very young, and when you’re at that age, everything makes you curious. So Tessi was determined to get an answer about the texture of her hair. And the perfect person to ask was her mother. Her mother had voluminous hair. It […]


There is something enlightening about a road trip. To discover and explore a land with just the tires on your vehicle, gas in the tank, and the will to stay awake is an experience that you will never forget. Especially when you encounter environments that you have never witnessed. For instance, there is a four […]


It was night. And a fishing boat was out at sea. Out here, the environment was quiet. There was nothing but the sloshing of water as it hit the boat, or the small currents flipping over one another. And the darkness seemed endless. It seemed even the moonlit sky was brighter than sea, for the […]