About Our Art

To me, art is fundamental for a story to come to life. I used to flip through a book's pages just to gaze at every picture, whether they were painted or sketched. And I want you to feel that way when you're reading our stories.


MONDAY: Fog Over the Lake

The fog was thick that morning, so thick that as Lo'on rowed across the lake, she couldn't see for miles around. Usually, when she made this trip, she could see the mountains surrounding the lake, and the villages that sat at the shore. Today, Lo'on could only see fifty meters ahead. The rising sun turned [...]

WEDNESDAY: The Woman with the Green Eyes and the Long Hair

The woman with the green eyes had been growing her hair for a long time. So long that it reached her feet. Many people would think it a nuisance, since it was always in the way. But for her it was a sign of her patience, her willpower, and her achievement. She felt that whenever [...]

MONDAY: Looking at Town

Lily was standing against a light brown wall, looking at the sidewalk that abutted that wall, and watching passersby with a serious scrutiny. She loved to examine the things around her, whether they were small or big, or something as simple as her small hometown. And at this moment, she loved what she saw. Her [...]

SATURDAY: Yellow Board

Amy guessed there was no other schoolroom like hers in the entire world, for her teacher wrote on a yellow chalk board. Yes, yellow. Amy would always peek into other classrooms and find a traditional black board, then come back to her own with a bewildered expression on her face. She wondered why the color [...]