FRIDAY: Rachel’s Diamond

Rachel had her hands on her hips. She wouldn’t describe the moment as…pleasant. Determined was the fitting description. It was because she was standing before her construction project, a skyscraper that was destined to break international records and inspire anyone who set their eyes upon it. It was to be made entirely of diamond windows, […]

THURSDAY: Turtleneck Sketch

Celina wore a black turtleneck when the Artist sketched her. She was on a beach, which was a contrast from her surroundings. But, as the Artists insisted, it was beautiful. “Perfect,” he said with his French accent. She stood from the small, red chair she sat in. It tilted in the stand as the pressure […]

SUNDAY: Single Palm Tree

Rain slashed, the sky was grey, thunder rumbled, and there was a palm tree. It stood on the beach alone, its leaves rustling and cracking in the wind. Those same leaves contrasted against the dreary atmosphere, for they were a beautiful bright green. Even its brown trunk was stunning against its backdrop. It was a […]

WEDNESDAY: Pink Princess

The pink princess was a stunning woman to behold as she entered the extensive ballroom of her castle. Even with the massiveness in the space, all eyes turned to her as she strode into the room. Her dress was voluminous, her hair curled into weaving swirls of elegance, with long gloves reaching to her glistening […]