About Our Art

To me, art is fundamental for a story to come to life. I used to flip through a book's pages just to gaze at every picture, whether they were painted or sketched. And I want you to feel that way when you're reading our stories.


THURSDAY: Little Baby and the Ceiling

Hazel and Greg had brought their new baby home, and with pride placed her in the crib. The baby smiled and laughed, her pudgy face red. She was laughing because of the ceiling. The yellow ceiling with all those colorful planets hanging from it. They swayed, making a rhythmic jingling sound. Greg and Hazel looked [...]

WEDNESDAY: Eastern Sky

Perez loved to fly. To be a pilot. To feel the air. Especially on mornings like this. When he was flying towards the eastern sky. Facing the rising sun. The beautiful rising sun. One that gave him life. That gave everyone on Earth life. He inhaled, breathing deeply, and letting it go with satisfaction. This [...]

MONDAY: The Night Trip

It was nighttime. Which meant Lucy was driving. Driving back home in her black sedan. After hours working in the suburbs which felt like an eternity from downtown. Downtown which was her home. But Lucy didn't mind the drive. Because she loved seeing the city appear in the distance. She found a certain beauty in [...]

SUNDAY: Fishpot

there was a school of fish. they traveled together. ate together-- they were a family. their bond was everlasting and special. everyone got along. but everyone had opinions. differences. creating a diverse medley of thinking. which helped them coexist. helped them continue day after day. it was a beautiful relationship. it was a school of [...]

SATURDAY: The Shawl Village

Pearl walked through a small market in a rural town, a town cut off by snow and mountains. The only way to get to the village was by a rough trail. So you could say she was an adventurer, strolling through the market with all her hiking gear, and looking at all the amazing wares [...]

FRIDAY: Beautifully Herself

Serene was bizarre. A good kind of bizarre. A beautiful bizarre. The way she dressed represented her different tastes and style. Her striking green-blue hair. Her neon clothes. She had an authenticity about herself that no one could mirror. You could say she was always herself. And it was clear to see. That was what [...]

THURSDAY: Could See the Wind

  Gloria could see the wind. Because as the clouds moved across the sky, they became delicate wisps of vapor. Streaking across the atmosphere in a beautiful spectacle. One that Gloria could slightly not comprehend. How could the clouds be creating such shapes? Shapes that were slightly unformed. As if a great cloud had dispersed [...]