About Our Art

To me, art is fundamental for a story to come to life. I used to flip through a book's pages just to gaze at every picture, whether they were painted or sketched. And I want you to feel that way when you're reading our stories.


THURSDAY: Coming Blue

The tide was coming in. Or as Stella called it, the coming blue. She would watch it from her bedroom window. Loving how the blue washed onto the sandy shore. She would look at it until the sun was down and she could no longer see the waves. Stella would be only able to hear [...]

SUNDAY: The Ancient Wall of Overlaying Circles

There was an old wall in an ancient city. And despite it's age, you could see the design painted on the concrete. Yellow and black and deep red. Each color was made to create a pattern. A simple yet timeless pattern of half circles overlaying one another. Although the design was identifiable it was wearing [...]