The Sailor was all alone on his small fishing boat.

His eyes were heavy even though he stimulated himself with black coffee.

The naked bitterness of the bean made his face scrunch.

He liked sugar in it.

But he was so tired he needed the caffeine unhindered by cream or sweetness.

It didn’t help though.

He stood at the railing of his ship, watching the heaving sea.

The clouds created a blanket over the sky so he could see no star.

Not even the moon.

His eyes were drifting shut.

The coffee was going to fall over the lip of his cup.

When suddenly he saw brightness.

A blue brightness that projected crisply off the water.

His eyes opened and he looked up.

And all weariness ceased.

The clouds had shifted, opening to reveal the most beautiful moon he had ever seen.

A blue moon shining on the rolling waves.

A moon so blue it almost seemed purple against the black sky.

He took a sip of his coffee.

This was beautiful.


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